Horse of course, of course, is the horse

when im not working i play whatever i got on my wii
or do something dumb on steam with my friends once in a while

ur art is kool u donno me and i donno u or do i know u and u not me oh damnet wer is th anonimoose bottonn umm uh hi nnaners nice wether 2day amirite


I know you too but you don't know me, you're pretty, cool and can create art better than most Aria. (Confidence booster)

wowies thank you so much mysterious person!!!!


i really wish i knew who you were so i can thank and hug you properly for the kind words!!! c:>

and its kinda funny i really dont mention my blog at all irl so it just makes you more mysterous

that statement gets scarier everytime i read it


after i watched the 5 last episodes in a row last weekend i drew these two ponies that i thought were neat
also can we all vote for this pony to be named Booboo Keys please


Braeburn more like Baeburn amirite?

Will you be playing Legends of Equestria when there's the open server weekend?

open server weekend?! 0:
whens THAT!

gimme some deets!!


im pretty certain this is what he does when hes not being a background character on the show


heh this art style is really cute!!!
thank you!!! <3

tssff... leave me alone....